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Mapping site tells stories of the past

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new program that allows users to view detailed satellite images of the US and add comments and stories to them has been launched.

The ZoomAtlas program uses search software that lets customers search the map for ZIP codes or places of interest.

Over 140 million areas in the US are searchable and accessible on the map, with more to be added as the service is updated.

The program also contains features allowing users to update location-specific details, as well as leave notes and stories for friends and family by places to which they have collective interest or memories.

Mark Sherman, the founder and chief executive of ZoomAtlas, said that people wanted to go beyond ordinary social networking and share their experiences and recommendations of the places they knew best.

He added: "ZoomAtlas creates a geo-social networking experience that takes social networking to the next level through an interactive map that is friendlier, social and more informative - interactive map meets Facebook as a place for people to reconnect with their past by mapping their lives."

This new software comes as more interactive and searchable maps are becoming available on the internet, with local information and businesses searchable by ZIP code.

The most famous of these is the Google Maps service, launched by the search engine giant in February 2005.