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Market records management to become 'even harder'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Market records management is likely to become more difficult as chiefs battle against conflicting demands and a hostile environment, it has been claimed.

Ron Troy, former associate director of market data at WestLB in New York, writing for, said that the current economic climate is causing problems for data and records management, as it pits the needs of the end user against corporate managers trying to make savings.

"Corporate managers press us to cut costs, seldom understanding where the market data budget goes or what the market data staff do. Many don't understand the risks associated with excessive cost cutting - that their cuts may cost more than they save," he explained.

Mr Troy warned that in this budget environment, some organizations are stealing services or failing to honor existing agreements.

His comments were supported by a poll of IT bosses by Fortinet which suggested that the security of data and records management is also likely to become more challenging.

Posted by Paul Newton