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Marketers adjusting direct mail campaigns to cope with five-day delivery

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers are adjusting their direct mail plans to cope with the five-day mailing week proposed by the United States Postal Service (USPS®).

According to a report by Advertising Age, many companies that rely on mail deliveries are taking steps to protect themselves against the loss of a day's post.

Jerry Cerasale, senior VP for government affairs for the Direct Marketing Association, told the website that at present catalog companies help to sustain over $200 billion in sales through mailing.

If postmaster general John Potter's five-day mailing plans are accepted then businesses will have to adjust accordingly.

"Some [businesses] say they can adjust, but others say it will hurt their business model," Mr Cerasale added.

In particular, they may wish to clamp down on money lost through returned mail or invest more heavily in improved data quality lists so that they are able to target specific consumers more.

USPS's drastic overhaul is planned as a method of combating falling mail volumes and as a way of helping the postal service compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.