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Marketers adopting new strategies in direct mail campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers are having to adopt new approaches to grab the attention of "today's savvy customers", DMNews has reported.

According to the website, developments in printing and production technologies have meant that an increasing number of marketing professionals are emblazoning the outer-envelopes of mail pieces with customized messages.

In addition, the use of four-color printing is another technique being utilized by marketers, with the article citing a study which claims that 69 per cent of consumers would be more likely to open a mail piece with color text and graphics.

"We are trying to make envelopes more engaging," Kelli Adkins, vice president of integrated services at commercial printer Prime, told the news provider.

"The more information we can put on the outside of the envelope without it looking funky, the more apt recipients are to open it."

A recent article by Marketing Magazine claimed that organizations could use direct mail to gradually build their brand identity.

The report stressed the need for campaigns to be targeted and appealing to recipients in order to be successful.

Posted by Paul Newman