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Marketers can drive email campaign ROI with a personalized approach

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketing teams have continued to launch email marketing campaigns in addition to their direct mail efforts, since it's often cheaper to send electronic messages than to cover the costs of printing and postage. Moreover, tech-savvy consumers who own smartphones are using the devices to check email and news updates on a regular basis.

A recent article by Time Moneyland points out that since consumers have to opt-in to email messages, they have already demonstrated their interest. Businesses might be able to increase their return on investment by tailoring the messages to individual customers, reports ClickZ.

For instance, marketing teams can send out special messages on subscribers' birthdays as a way to thank them for their patronage and encourage loyalty, the source suggests. However, these personalized messages will only work if the company has accurate information about customers' birthdays, addresses and names on hand.

Econsultancy points out that some businesses might take data quality and accuracy for granted. Indeed, 90 percent of entities surveyed by Experian believe as much as one-quarter of their stored information could be incorrect. Improving this ratio with tools such as address verification could increase the success rate and return stronger revenue.