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Marketers can take steps to reduce returned mail

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers have been given tips to help them minimize the amount of returned mail that they receive as a result of their customer communications.

Writing for, David Wilkinson explained that it was important for organizations to assess the security, effectiveness and efficiency of their incoming mail processes to ensure that they can maximize return on investment.

He highlighted the usefulness of the United States Postal Services' Intelligent Mail® barcode system, as it can provide address correction information to reduce the future chance of any returned mail occurring.

"It is important to evaluate your process and determine the return on investment for automation. Map the current process and eliminate unnecessary steps," Mr Wilkinson noted.

According to an article by Paper Specs, having an up-to-date and well segmented mailing list is the most important part of a successful mailing campaign.

The website reported that ensuring address data and contact details are correct should be a primary concern for businesses.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler