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Marketers can't make better decisions with dirty data

Paul Newman Archive

Marketers know they need more customer data to leverage the best campaigns in the era of big data. However, they sometimes struggle with integration and information can become trapped in silos that make it difficult to extract the insights they need to make smarter, faster decisions, according to Chief Marketer. 

With information streaming in from chat, customer relationship management programs, email and social networks, marketers face new challenges, reports 1 to 1 Media. They know they need to harness this information in a meaningful way, but they aren't always certain about the best way to do so. Perhaps more importantly, they often realize too late that they are using dirty data. 

Data quality can jeopardize companies' decision-making strategies, but it can also negatively impact customer relationships, the source adds. If marketing teams are sending messages that are addressed to the wrong recipients, they risk customers opting out of future campaigns. Some clients will default because they believe they are not valued customers if the brand was unable to get the most basic information correct.

Poor data quality can also cause damage to the ROI of campaigns. Duplicated entries might lead marketing teams to send the same customer multiple messages, thus wasting their advertising funds and reducing the chances that messages will generate sales.