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Marketers encouraged to 'engage readers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketers have been encouraged to engage their readers in future campaigns, rather than just have a one-way conversation.

Small Business Computing reports that the best way to get people to read and even respond to emails is to grab their attention "right from the subject line".

The news provider recommends that organizations look to "lure them in with a question, contest or promotion".

"2011 is going to be all about engagement," Eric Groves, senior vice-president of global market development at Constant Contact, said.

"It's not enough to push your message out as a one-way conversation anymore. Social media has redefined the way consumers interact with brands and brands need to respond with two-way communication."

Indeed, according to the industry expert, businesses are able to create a two-way conversation with consumers by getting them to answer a question or to take part in contests on Facebook or on a company website.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler