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Marketers 'getting results from using multiple online touch points'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Engaging with the public via different web-based outlets could be a successful approach for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to take, a new study has concluded.

According to VerticalResponse, SMEs that employ a combination of tactics such as social media marketing and sending promotional emails achieve better results than companies that only use one method.

Janine Popick, chief executive of the group, commented: "Those who broadcast content across multiple online touch points are getting a lot more engagement than those who don't."

This backs up recent observations from Kate Adamson, a global branding and marketing strategist, who said promotional emails should be integrated into a brand's wider online marketing strategy.

Figures from VerticalResponse showed that groups in the health and wellness industry are particularly keen to target the public with both social media and email marketing.

Real estate businesses were also found to favor this approach, along with non-profit organizations.

Posted by Paul Newton