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Marketers investing more in digital tools this year

Paul Newman Archive

Digital advertising is becoming an important part of the marketing mix. This trend is reflected in the Society of Digital Agencies' (SoDa) 2013 Digital Marketing Outlook report, which found that around 55 percent of marketers plan to increase their spending on new technology. While the marketplace has become convoluted with numerous solutions and data-centric platforms, there is always one safe way to invest annual budgets - data quality

Data quality tools help companies ensure the information they are harvesting from the internet and collecting from customer experience databases is accurate, complete and correctly paired. If it's not, data analysts and other users might find they are tapping into duplicated entries, which can waste resources and pollute their insights. 

This is crucial as companies embrace big data and break down departmental silos. When marketers and data analysts converse, they will need to use a common language and be able to share data, according to Ad Age. Content that's well organized and accurate can help bridge that gap by making it easier for individuals on the IT side and the creative side to communicate about the insights they discover or the trends appearing over time.