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Marketers look to move online to communicate

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketers are increasingly moving away from traditional strategies and adopting a more customer-focused engagement process, an expert has claimed.

Speaking to DM News, Jeff Lundal, senior vice-president and general manager of data management services at Experian, has suggested that marketers look to utilize online channels to communicate with their customers.

He explained that there is a need and want for businesses to engage with their clients to help understand when and how they want to be communicated with.

"Marketing technology companies must provide fundamental capabilities to capture data, clean data, and offer analytics so that our clients can best understand what consumers are doing, when they're doing it and how best they'll react to predictive offers," the expert told the news provider.

Mr Lundal added that social media and mobile are likely to be the next frontiers in marketing technology and as such there will also be a shift towards creating an accessible audience that organizations can understand and present the best offer to through the right channel

Posted by Paul Newman