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Marketers must avoid common mistakes to archive direct mail success

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers will be able to achieve success when using direct mail by focusing their efforts on ensuring that their campaigns are realistic and have market value, it has been claimed.

According to the Advertising Direct Mail blog, the use of postcards in direct mail can be a reliable method of communication with potential customers if basic mistakes are avoided.

It highlighted two common areas where marketing professionals can fail in their campaigns and not achieve a good ROI.

Realistic goals and objectives need to be set when choosing to utilize this medium alongside offering potential customers an incentive for their actions.

Marketers should avoid placing unnecessary information in the limited space they have available and must offer consumers an bonus for using or trying the service.

Another tactic which commentators recommend taking advantage of when sending direct mail is ensuring that mailing list information does not suffer any data quality issues.

"If you can start your campaign by avoiding these two common mistakes, you have an edge right from the start," the blog noted.

"After that, just make sure you have something worth promoting in the first place - a great product or service."

Posted by Paul Newton