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Marketers must 'check accuracy of their data'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct marketers need to ensure that they are using reliable and accurate data if they want to get the best results from their campaigns, the Direct Marketing Association reports.

This is the view of Jeremy Jones, marketing director for Datanomic, who claims that many practitioners pay little attention to the quality of data which is entered into their systems.

The news may inspire businesses utilizing direct marketing to invest in data quality solutions.

''Regardless of what system they're running, whether it's customer relationship management to marketing; whatever that data is, it should be validated and checked for standardisation [and] all the data quality metrics to ensure that it is actually appropriate for the use which it is intended," he added.

Meanwhile, research conducted by Global Industry Analysts suggests that direct mail marketing techniques will play an important role in marketing campaigns in the future.

The report predicted that global marketing expenditure through the medium would reach $25.45 billion by 2015.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler