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Marketers must 'engage with consumers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers need to ensure that their direct mail campaigns are attracting the right kind of attention from consumers, it has been claimed.

Writing in an article for DMNews, marketing expert Chris Paradysz suggested that businesses should ensure that consumers are able to engage with marketing content in order for it to be successful.

Mr Paradysz argued that it is important for businesses to retain a creative voice in their marketing campaigns to ensure that they appeal to the maximum number of potential customers.

"Media, marketing or technology won't spark interest if consumers are not first engaged. It's the work of the designers, writers and artists who capture that moment," he explained.

"Making multichannel messages clear and compelling is certainly not for technologists or marketers."

Earlier this year, Paper Specs claimed that the most important aspect of a direct mail campaign is the mailing list.

According to the news provider, it is vital that the address data is current and correct to enhance the chances of success.

Posted by Richard Jones