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Marketers must 'stand out' from their competitors

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketing agencies looking to make themselves more appealing to their clients may wish to utilize address verification tools.

According to a recent report by North West Vision and Media, many potential clients are limited by their lack of knowledge surrounding the sector.

The results could lead to many marketing companies looking to stand-out from the crowd by employing innovative technologies.

Tony Foggett, chief executive officer of Code Computerlove, told UTalk Marketing that this could present marketers with a great opportunity.

"Agencies that can stand out in this very confusing marketplace for clients and demonstrate digital as well as brand expertise … are likely to prosper," he stated.

''The speed of change in the digital era is not about to slow down.''

Elsewhere, a recent report by TCM Net suggested that address verification needs to be done at the point of entry and no later.

The news provider cited a study by Forrester which highlighted just how effective address cleansing software could be to businesses.

Posted by Paul Newman