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Marketers need address management and other data quality tools to de-silo information

Rachel Wheeler Archive

To gain an edge on competitors, marketers are increasingly turning to big data. By gathering information from multiple touch points, checking it for data quality and then analyzing it, companies hope to identify game-changing insights, according to ClickZ. Although still in its nascence, the results of big data are being realized by early adopters. For instance, analyst firm MediaMath reports that new technologies make it possible for companies to increase advertising outlet tenfold, while cutting the number of employees on the campaigns in half, the source adds.

That's because marketing teams are no longer limited to the content that's stored in just one or two internal databases to guide their efforts. They can tap into traditional databases such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems and pair that content with data from the internet, including clients' posts on social media sites and mobile browsing clicks, explains BtoB Magazine.

This information can be extremely beneficial when verified, but it may not lead to ground breaking discoveries if analysts don't run the information through an address management system. These tools ensure that data pulled from various touch points is accurate before it's integrated for analysis, the media outlet adds.