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Marketers 'neglecting' social media

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations are neglecting social media in their email marketing processes, a new survey by Return Path has found.

The majority of companies fail to offer their customers the opportunity to sign up to their social media platforms after they choose to unsubscribe from email marketing correspondence, the research found.

Indeed, of the businesses surveyed, none suggested that consumers could receive messages on social networking sites or via mobile marketing.

The research examined the unsubscribe practices of major brands across a range of sectors including retail, travel and social networks.

Margaret Farmakis, senior director of professional services at Return Path, said: "Email marketers shouldn't view unsubscribing customers as being uninterested in their brand; rather they should see it as a new opportunity to communicate with them in a different way."

"Some subscribers may prefer the experience of interacting with a brand via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Regardless, it’s important that marketers have an integrated, cross-channel strategy and promote it at every key touch point in the customer/subscriber lifecycle."

Posted by Richard Jones