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Marketers remain optimistic in 2010

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers are more optimistic about the coming year, with companies looking to increase their spending on the practice in 2010.

Marketing budgets have seen positive growth during the first three months of 2010 when compared to the dwindling spend on the industry last year, with many experts confident that the trend will continue, DMNews has reported.

In addition, the sector has positioned itself well to bounce back from the economic slowdown, with its shift from print to digital marketing helping to reduce costs.

"In 2010, we're seeing a return to optimism and marketing budgets increasing over the course of the year," Bill Kanarick, chief strategy and marketing officer of interactive agency SapientNitro, explained to the news provider.

However, despite the positive signs, budgets have not quite returned to boom-year levels just yet.

According to an article by, data quality is a vital component to successful direct marketing.

The website reported that by investing in data quality measures, organizations would be able to develop far-reaching communications strategies.

Posted by Paul Newton