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Marketers shouldn't let new challenges impair data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive

The big data era holds a lot of promise, but it requires many traditional industries to rethink the way they gather information, verify data quality and make decisions. Marketing, for example has been turned on its head, Information Management reports. The industry, once characterized by creative individuals who relied on their gut instincts, is now pressing people to interpret data and spreadsheets - something many hoped to avoid by entering this field.

Big data is different than previous business intelligence strategies because it harvests more content than older systems can handle. The flood of data means that analytics require additional resources. Businesses are realizing they have to break down traditional silos in order to gain insights that will help them reach their big data goals, which is forcing chief marketing officers and chief information officers to collaborate, the source adds.

If teams do not work together and develop a unified approach to data analytics, they could end up with inaccurate or misleading information about customer intentions. When departments collaborate, they can successfully gain a better understanding of their customers' needs and desires through web analytics and feedback behavior, according to ClickZ.