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Marketers still not convinced by social media

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketing is a more effective medium for building brand awareness and driving sales than social media platforms.

This is the finding of a recent study by integrated communications specialists Rocket, which claims that older marketing disciplines are still preferred by a number of organizations.

According to the firm’s Digital Disciplines reports, just 17 per cent of marketers believe social media to be very effective at driving sales, compared to 21 per cent who said the same about email marketing.

“Despite the increasing use of social media, many marketers still hold more faith with other longer-standing online marketing channels," Pete Hendrick, managing director of Rocket, said.

Despite this, the research pointed to 2011 being a year where social media marketing efforts grow in popularity, with 31 per cent of marketing professionals planning to make it their biggest investment in the coming months.

"With Facebook passing the 500 million user mark earlier this year and Twitter announcing the launch of premium accounts, this coming year will surely only see more businesses adopt social media marketing and improve their effectiveness," Mr Hendrick added.

Posted by Richard Jones