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Marketers turn to more channels to advertise services

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US-based organizations are increasingly turning to more and more channels than ever before, with marketers turning to mobile, email, the web, social media and print.

Writing for DM News, John Foley, chief executive officer of interlinkONE, explained that as the number of marketing channels increases, so does the number of places used to store data.

"For example, a newsletter database of email addresses might be uploaded to one system and a list of mailing addresses and personalized URLs in another. Text messages pushed out might be found in a separate silo, while the history between a company's sales reps and those same contacts has its own CRM system," he said.

The news may encourage a number of organizations to consider finding out how email address verification software could help them store accurate information about their customers.

Mr Foley explained that it was important for marketers to adopt a holistic approach to storing contact details if they want to avoid "putting themselves in a position to fail".

Posted by Paul Newman