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Marketers urged to adopt 'personal' approach to email

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers hoping to utilize email marketing as a means of communication with their customers should ensure that they adopt a more personal approach.

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk has expressed concern surrounding the future of the email industry as it struggles to cope with changing consumer attitudes and behaviors.

Speaking to, Mr Vaynerchuk explained that there was a lack of personalization in many marketers approach to customer emails, adding that the industry is too focused on brand and promotional offers.

"We're talking too much. In the ecosystem we live in now, based on word-of-mouth, the currency is trust, appreciation and humanization. But when something comes from the heart, it changes the entire relationship," he told the website.

Mr Vaynerchuk's comments follow a recent study by comScore which revealed that total web email usage has fallen by eight per cent over the course of 2010, with social messaging platforms rising in importance.

Posted by Paul Newman