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Marketers urged to create 'content to share'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Creating content that people will want to share should be considered an important element of an organizations' email marketing plan.

US businesses have been encouraged to ignite conversation with their customers on social media platforms about topics related to their various companies.

"For example, you might read an industry article that provokes strong opinions. Chime in with your opinion and gather the opinions of others on social media websites. Then report on the social conversation in your next e-newsletter," an article for has said.

Indeed, the news provider explains that people like to share information that is considered practical, interesting, funny, timely or thought-provoking.

Meanwhile, the article added that in order to get your message out to the maximum number of people, marketers should look to utilize social media and cross-pollinate their content.

"That includes linking to your Facebook, YouTube and other social media pages from your e-newsletter, blog and website," it explained.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler