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Marketers urged to personalize campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketing professionals have been encouraged to up their level of customer engagement in the coming year, with a focus on personalizing their campaigns.

Research conducted by Alterian has found that the vast majority of industry professionals focus on creating a customized brand experience for at least one marketing channel.

The organization stated that while one-third use their company website as a corporate brochure and more than half focus their offers and campaigns designed to drive website interaction, only a small number then go on to tailor and personalize the website experience for individual customers.

"These figures indicate that a mass marketing strategy is still considered the norm by many," the study said. "There is still much room to improve both website and email engagement strategy through message customization, particularly based on individual preferences and needs rather than a particular segment."

However, Alterian added that many marketers seem switched on to the advantages that interaction through targeted emails can bring.

Posted by Richard Jones