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Marketers will benefit from Intelligent Mail® address correction software

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) will soon be a requirement for all marketing professionals wanting to qualify for the automation discount postage rate, it has been revealed.

Writing for Target Marketing Magazine, David Henkel has highlighted the benefits that the service can have for marketers wanting to maximize the impact of their direct mail campaigns.

Among the features of the IMb that Mr Henkel drew attention to is the address correction software that it provides.

By ensuring that address data is correct at the point of entry, the service minimizes any costs incurred through lost or returned mail.

"This feature also goes a long way toward helping marketers keep their mailing lists clean and updated to avoid the wasted expense of mail that never reaches the intended recipient," Mr Henkel explained.

All the changes will come into effect in May 2011, with many small to medium mailers able to use the system with their existing information and tools.

The United States Postal Service recently reported that it had processed over seven billion items of Intelligent Mail, accruing over $2 billion in revenue from the service.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler