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Marketers will face tough data challenges in new decade, expert says

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketers will continue to be challenged by ever-increasing mounds of data well into the new decade, one expert has stated.

Commenting on the growing importance that was placed on effective data management and high levels of data quality over the past ten years, industry leader Neil Mason has suggested that only those marketers that are able to stay on top of their data will stay ahead of the field.

"Because we have so much data available to us, we have become paralyzed by the numbers," Mr Mason, who works as the director of analytical consulting at Foviance, wrote in his New Year's message for

He added: "We have new challenges to address such as measuring the newer digital channels like mobile, but my hope is that we don't get too wrapped up in the technology and that the focus will be more on the 'analytics' in web analytics, rather than the 'Web'.”

These comments echo a recent article in IT Director, in which one industry leader argued that good data management and data quality are essential for effective marketing.