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Marketing campaign 'needs to be well targeted'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses that are planning to launch a new marketing strategy need to make sure their campaign is targeted to the right audience, an expert has said.

According to Stefan Drew of, companies must ask themselves where their audience is located and what media they access on a regular basis.

This, he stated, will dictate what method a firm should use to engage with this group of consumers.

"It is about choosing the right channels for your marketing," Mr Drew commented.

"If I was advertising to young people, where would I find young people these days? Facebook."

Furthermore, he noted that LinkedIn would be the best place to market to businesspeople, while older consumers might be more likely to see advertisements in the newspaper than on a website.

Mr Drew added that while some people in their 60s and 70s do like to use social networking sites such as Facebook, the actual number of users in this age group is fairly small.

Posted by Richard Jones