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Marketing campaigns can only be as 'good as their data'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketing professionals have been warned that simply reaching their audience is no longer enough to help drive growth and sales.

Kathy Sexton, vice-president of marketing at, explained that the real challenge was to identify and target the "decision makers" and offer them a "whiz-bang solution".

Writing for DM News, the expert noted that as a result marketing campaigns could only ever be as successful if they are backed up by good data and the correct contact list.

Ms Sexton continued, stating that the biggest challenge likely to be faced by marketers was that data is constantly becoming outdated.

"Today's B2B marketer has access to more data and better tools than ever before," she explained.

"Yet, to truly maximize conversion, we must take a fresh approach to searching and find new ways to work with the available data and tools, so don't forget to use that good old-fashioned magic ingredient that has always driven successful marketing campaigns - your creativity."

Posted by Paul Newman