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Marketing efforts underpinned by data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to run effective marketing campaigns must ensure that they ensure that their data quality standards are high, it has been suggested.

Writing on the CMSwire website, Tom Wentworth, vice-president of Web Solutions for web technology company Ektron, explained that at its most basic point, possessing accurate information on customers is key to marketing success.

"The data quality issue has long plagued marketing; inaccurate and incomplete data limits your ability to target marketing campaigns to the right buyer personas at the right time in the sales process to influence the buying decision," he said.

Mr Wentworth added that this issue is further blighted by the large number of channels that information is now collected from, with the web, email and social media all adding to its complexity.

"The connection point between online and offline customer relations is the CRM system," he added.

According to the expert, a connection between a website and the CRM is the most important business capability to drive targeted B2B marketing.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler