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Marketing executives showing more IT business intelligence

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Business intelligence with regards to IT devices appears to be on the increase, one IT expert has suggested.

Robby Gulri, vice-president of products at Echoworx, a provider of managed encryption services to protect confidential information, said that IT know-how is becoming important everywhere.

"Even when a new phone comes out with a new operating system and feature set, it's the marketing, business and sales people who are talking more about it than IT," explained Mr. Gulri.

"IT will think, 'Wow, it's another thing for me to support', while business guys will say, 'I don't care, I'm going to bring my iPad 2 to work, and somehow connect to the network'."

Mr. Gulri added that even smaller businesses are finding different ways of doing things.

"There's this layer of security and manageability that is still an opportunity for a lot of companies," the IT expert remarked.

Meanwhile, technical departments are focused on working out which devices work for each business and how to connect them to the network.