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Marketing is 'moving to mobile devices'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses aiming to achieve a complete customer view for marketing have been advised that more advertising spending is moving to mobile devices.

Windsor Holden, the principal analyst at Juniper Research, said that while mobile advertising, which covers tablets, smartphones and cells, really took off in 2010, its potential has still yet to be realized.

"It still accounts for a tiny proportion of global advertising budget. But what we're seeing is firstly, that digital channels are gaining a greater share of overall adspend, and secondly, that a greater proportion of digital spend is migrating to mobile," he explained.

This view was supported by Jon Mew, director of mobile and operations at the Internet Advertising Bureau, who said that mobile devices could help organizations make their advertising more engaging.

He explained that the gadgets open new opportunities up to those who are already using online marketing processes by inviting consumers in with interactive functionality.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler