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Marketing, IT bond over data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The Wall Street Journal recently suggested that marketing departments and intelligence officers could soon be coming together, united by a common goal. In the modern, information-driven workplace, both functions will likely find it absolutely vital to have strong data quality. The source explained that integrating a variety of data sources will present a challenge best formed with a marketing and tech alliance.

"Traditionally marketers have not been very aligned with IT organizations, but now they are concerned with data governance and data quality, and they now need to reach out to IT," Forrester analyst Srividya Sridharan told the source.

The Journal specified that many advanced marketing programs have begun to take advantage of unstructured data. While this new freedom opens a host of previously inaccessible data sources, it could also create quality and management issues, as it does not fit into traditional storage systems.

According to the New York Times, companies' sales strategies incorporating data could be extremely involved. The source noted that marketers are no longer content with extending a few custom offers based on customer history and may soon offer each shopper a completely unique set of prices. Supermarkets are said to be among the first considering such a move.