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Marketing lists 'add value' to direct mail campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive

US marketers who utilize direct mail to communicate with their customers have been told that they can add value to their campaigns by becoming more targeted in their list selections.

Marketing Lists Direct claims that the medium remains one of the most effective when it comes to delivering a message to consumers.

As such, the organization recommends businesses effectively target certain demographics by tailoring their mailing lists to suit their different needs.

Extensive customer-focused market research should be undertaken by businesses so they can effectively determine their client base, Marketing Lists Direct urges.

"It is worth spending slightly more of your marketing dollars on your mailing list purchase to ensure you are putting your offer into the right hands. This will guarantee better results and increased sales," the article notes.

Earlier this year, TCMnet commentator Susan Campbell claimed that address verification software is vital for businesses that are looking to expand.

She explained that organizations need to have the solutions in place if they wish to "thrive" in a world where information pertaining to location is important for success.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler