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Marketing mediums carry different weight, expert says

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Direct mail still has “high value” when it comes to customer communications, it has been claimed.

Debroah Simpson, president of Multi-Craft, noted that customers that interact with business over multiple mediums tend to be more loyal, purchase more and are more profitable compared to those that interact over a single channel.

As such, she explained that it is important for organizations to ensure that they conduct relevant customer communications over a series of mediums, including email and direct mail.

However, writing in an article for DM News, the expert said that some marketing channels carry more weight than others.

“Direct mail … is still looked upon as having value and it is the only media still delivered by hand,” she wrote.

“Most recipients are accepting of targeted, opt-in emails and although the construction of opt-in lists takes longer, marketers are rewarded by obtaining a higher yield of strong leads.”

Meanwhile, a recent article that appeared on the Fresh Business Thinking website urged marketers to blend email marketing and social media for the best results.

Posted by Paul Newman