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Marketing needs to 'encompass cell phones'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Brands need to integrate cell phones and tablets fully into their online marketing strategy.

An expert has explained that organizations need to realize the importance of eCommerce technology, including new digital devices, when marketing online.

Rob Thurner, mobile consultant and digital trainer at the IDM, said that mobile technology has had a huge impact on the way companies market their products and services.

"If the brands understand this and are prepared to share the cost and the findings from the technology and data, they will be the ones who will be the winners. They will be able to use mobile throughout the customer's journey to provide highly tailored, highly targeted relevant communication," he explained.

Mr Thurner said that cell phones are all-encompassing in consumers' lives, so they need to have an all-encompassing role in the brand too.

However, Stefan Drew, marketing consultant and founder of Stefan Drew Associates, recently suggested that direct mail can also be as effective as eCommerce technology.

Posted by Richard Jones