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Marketing needs to focus on cell phones

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations taking on email marketing for business to business purposes need to start focusing on cell phones, it has been claimed.

However, Rob Thurner, mobile consultant and digital trainer at the IDM, said that building a site for a mobile device is not as simple as just redirecting traffic from the URL, instead webpages need to optimize the specific cell phone.

"The internet, I would say, has got the greatest growth potential and it's fundamental that people start to realize this," he explained.

He added that there is now a lot of very good cell identification software, which will identify handsets and then match content.

Mr Thurner explained that while apps have their place in marketing, they will not have the same impact as dedicated sites for cell phones.

"You need to think of the widest audience and that doesn't necessarily mean just going down the app route," he said.

Meanwhile, Con Mallon, director of regional product marketing at Norton, said that businesses need to take the security of cell and smartphones more seriously.

Posted by Richard Jones