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Marketing professionals advised to target 'friends and family'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US organizations looking to embark on a customer-facing marketing campaign over the holiday season should consider looking to target consumers friends and family members, it has been suggested.

Sara Ezrin, senior director of strategic services at Experian CheetahMail, explained that recent research had found that friends and family e-mails had 43 per cent higher open rates and 29 per cent higher click rates than bulk promotions.

The news may inspire some businesses to look at how email address verification software could help them to improve the success of their marketing campaigns by improving the accuracy of their customer data.

Speaking to DM News, Ms Ezrin said that she expected a greater number of professionals working in the sector to target their promotions around "friends and family".

"We think it will be widely adopted, especially with the adoption of social networking, which adds a lot of opportunities for clients to gain prospects that they otherwise might not have had," she added.

"That is the thing that is so great about friends and family; it incentivizes people to share it. So you get exposure to people who may not be customers and you get that through an associate or a friend of theirs."

Posted by Richard Jones