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Marketing return 'requires strong data management'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
When it comes to obtaining a return on investment in marketing, data management is key.

This is the view of Tim Altier, director of business analytics and insight at Bridgz Marketing Group, who adds that the information collected about customers - their habits, likes and dislikes - is highly valuable to marketers.

Writing in a piece for Direct Marketing News, Mr Altier explains that firms must know how to harvest this data and use it effectively in order to utilize marketing resources properly.

This information then needs to be integrated, to allow it to become a useful tool for various parts of the business.

"You need to integrate all of your data, whether you build that process or outsource it to a data integration provider, that repurposes data from disparate islands of data in a company into a usable, nimble database," Mr Altier notes.

The Software and Information Industry Association has recently warned that international growth is being held back by data management regulations.

Posted by Paul Newton