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Marketing teams tapping into big data's potential

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Many companies are rushing to catch the front-end of the big data trend whether or not they're ready, reports InformationWeek. Driven by advancements from recent innovations such as customer relationship management programs (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), marketing teams are looking to use quantifiable information when making business decisions instead of relying on intuition.

Ultimately, this is forcing companies to break down silos, according to Computer Weekly. IT and marketing teams must both get their hands dirty to make sense of the raw information, which is collected from call centers, social networks and mobile information. Taking a holistic approach to data analysis will likely return better results, since either department alone may not understand the best way to interpret the data.

Srividya Sridharan, the author of a recent study for Forrester Research, explained to The Wall Street Journal  that for the first time, marketers are getting involved with the data and IT teams to ensure goals are achieved and data structures can produce the analytics they need.

"You need data quality in order to start the analysis – it's garbage in, garbage out," Sridharan told the paper. "The IT organization has experience merging data in HR and accounting, and they now can add marketing to that mix."