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Marketing undergoing 'creative reinvention'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses are embracing new means of marketing in order to make their campaigns more effective, analysts have stated.

According to Crain's BtoB Magazine, marketing is currently going through a "creative reinvention".

This, it said, means that while organizations continue to embrace channels such as email as a promotional outlet, many are keen to refine their marketing mix in order to generate more leads.

Crain's BtoB Magazine said data-driven segmentation and targeting could be critical over the next few years, particularly in social media programs and paid search campaigns.

John DiStefano, research director at the publication, commented: "In the end marketing will emerge as a stronger more potent discipline."

He acknowledged that changes in the business environment have proved to be a challenge to some markets.

However, Mr DiStefano said some are making use of the new tools that are available to make their promotional strategies more effective and better targeted.

"There is still a tremendous opportunity to further leverage new technologies and emerging channels," he added.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler