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Massachusetts pie shop uses address data to expand

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A chicken pie shop in Reading, Massachusetts, has used address data to assess the demand for an additional store in nearby Medford.

Wally and Dan Arsenault have run Harrows Chicken Pies since buying it from their father in 1995 and the brothers recently sent out thousands of surveys to see whether they could open another store, reports the Medford Transcript.

They asked for 5,000 customer ZIP Codes and compiled the address data they got back to find out how far people were travelling to buy the pies in Reading.

The results were encouraging, with many people already making the trip from Medford to Reading.

Wally Arsenault told the paper: "We looked at different towns and where we could go. We looked at a map, about five to ten miles out and then took sample surveys of about 5,000 customers and asked them their ZIP Codes."

He added that they have also had support from Medford City Hall in setting up a new business in the town.

In other news, zip code software is being used by Maxim Health Clinics to provide details of where people can go to get flu vaccinations ahead of the winter months.