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Matching data is important for US marketers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers must work hard to ensure that they collect consumer information which can be easily and successfully matched to address data.

Writing for DMNews, Kevin Akerman, senior director of global product development at Experian Marketing Services, has recommended that businesses work hard to ensure that this can be achieved.

He noted that because of the vast array of channels currently available to collect data, organizations were now faced with new challenges.

In addition to successfully matching information to customers, privacy laws are something that marketers have to ensure they adhere to.

"Collecting on and offline behavioral and transactional data for use in connecting with customers and prospects via preferred channels of contact is where marketers will experience the greatest successes," Mr Akerman explained.

This is because it will allow marketers to give consumers the "most relevant offers, via preferred channels, at the preferred time".

Earlier this year, the news provider reported that it was important for marketers to remain creative with their campaigns to ensure that they were able to appeal to the maximum number of consumers.

Posted by Paul Newman