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MDM projects boosted by data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality plays an important role in the implementation and running of master data management (MDM) projects, a new report from Gartner has suggested.

The IT research analyst has explained that MDM initiatives have the ability to improve business performance, lower costs and increase overall revenue.

However, the body said that in order for these operations to be successful, organizations must first overcome "formidable technical, organizational and political hurdles".

"MDM is the latest attempt to solve the old problem of inconsistent versions of important data at the centre of an organization," said Andrew White, research vice-president at Gartner.

"As with any new initiative, there is a lot of hype and confusion, and with hype and confusion comes misunderstanding. Executive sponsors of MDM and MDM program managers must avoid several common mistakes that have been known to derail MDM initiatives in the past."

It follows comments made by on the CMSwire stating that at its most basic point, possessing accurate information on customers is key to marketing success.

Posted by Paul Newman