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Merging CRM systems can cause data quality issues

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses unsure of what to do with their CRM systems after undergoing a merger have been given some advice by an article on Computer World.

Writing for the website, David Taber addresses the problem which numerous organizations can be faced with following a takeover.

Mr Taber offers companies a choice of three methods to overcome any potential issues without impacting on data quality information harbored within the CRM databases.

"Beyond simple data quality, the big headache of merging CRM systems is getting the data to mean something," he claimed.

His advice is to either retain two separate systems to avoid any clashing or loss of data, or to dump one of the databases.

Alternatively, businesses could adopt a different approach and do away with both systems in favour of a new one - something which he warned can be a high-risk strategy.

However, Mr Taber stated that businesses should not make any decisions without much thought and whatever path they decide to take must be carefully monitored to ensure success.

An article for recently claimed that by showing staff the value of correct customer data it would encourage them to utilize CRM systems.

Posted by Richard Jones