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Michigan town calls for address correction to help reduce insurance rates

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Residents of a town in Michigan are calling for their address data to be changed so that everyone is officially living within a single ZIP Code.

Bridgeport Township in Saginaw County currently has three separate ZIP Codes and locals say tax dollars are being wrongly distributed as a result, while insurance premiums are also higher than they should be in some areas, reports

Resident Mark Boese believes having a single ZIP Code for the whole town will help raise real estate values, as well as help stabilize the return of the right tax dollars.

Bridgeport Township supervisor Patrick Gilles told the website: "When a developer looks, punches in [ZIP Code] 48722, he shows there are only 2,500 people here. In reality, we have 10,900 people, so I believe we've been short changed for a long time."

The campaign in support of a single ZIP Code has gained considerable support, with 3,000 residents signing a petition, but only congress can grant it.

In similar news, Indian Trail in North Carolina is also calling for ZIP Code verification as it has five separate ZIP Codes, according to the Charlotte Observer.