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Microsoft Dynamics CRM software to integrate Twitter

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Computer giant Microsoft has announced it is integrating its Dynamics CRM software with the popular micro-blogging service Twitter.

Social networking websites and services are being seen as increasingly useful as a way of monitoring public opinion and cultural tides and can be used to keep track of and interact with new and existing customers.

The new Social Networking Accelerator is to be integrated with Microsoft's products and will allow businesses to hone in on web chatter relating to their particular brand.

Microsoft plans to start with Twitter and then add similar components in the coming months, all of which could be eagerly anticipated by companies looking to improve relationships with their customers through improved data quality and services.

Businesses could potentially use social networks to organize new marketing campaigns and adjust their corporate practices in response to public perceptions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales recently surpassed one million, according to figures from the company, illustrating the success of the software.