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Midland 911 emergency service address data 'almost perfect'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Emergency services in Midland, Texas, have developed a 911 response team that is able to find the correct address 99.8 per cent of the time, it has been revealed.

According to NewsWest 9, an address is checked through four or five databases before it is assigned to the Midland County response office.

Joyce Britcher, director of communications at Midland 911 Services, told the news provider that despite the system, it is never possible to ensure 100 per cent accuracy.

"We strive for [mistakes] never to happen, but you know the saying, 'never say never'. The human error factor is going to be in there," she added.

Earlier this month, news provider reported that straightforward 911 services are not always able to identify the location of an emergency caller.

The publication added that if residents make a mistake in registering their address or move without updating their information, incorrect data will be displayed at the emergency center.