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Military mail deadline approaching

Rachel Wheeler Archive
People with loved ones fighting overseas have been reminded that the deadline to send mail in time for Christmas is fast approaching.

All mail bound for the Middle East, as well as mail to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, must be posted by December 4th.

Those who are sending mail are also reminded to use First Class or Priority Mail post-marks.

Mail bound for any other military destination must be posted by December 11th in order to make it to the troops by Christmas.

David Walton, a spokesman for USPS, told WFPL news that there are extra measures that the family and friends of soldiers can take to ensure the delivery of their packages.

He said: "When you do address a package, you've got the to and from on the outside; but its not a bad idea to include the same information on the inside of the package in case that outside label would come off during transport; then that way they would be able to locate the sender or the receiver."

USPS have said they are expecting to ship between 18 billion and 19 billion parcels, packages and items of mail over the holiday period.