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Minneapolis businesses 'consider zip code verification'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Gas stations across Minnesota are increasingly requiring zip code verification from customers using credit cards in a bid to reduce fraud, it has been revealed.

According to CBS Broadcasting, police believe thieves often head to gas stations after taking cards but may not know this kind of personal information.

A spokeswoman for Super America told the news provider that the zip code requirement is currently being used only in areas that have been identified as having a high risk for fraud and the strategy has met with a mixed reaction among business owners.

Braden Scheeler, the manager of Bobby and Steve's business in Minneapolis, said: "We'd like to protect consumers, but if it means we are going to sacrifice convenience, we are not going to take that step yet."

Earlier this month, the Newcastle News reported that residents in the West Virginia city would overwhelmingly support the adoption of a unique zip code for the location, which they believe would help reinforce its identity.