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Mishandling 'Big Data' may leave businesses in big trouble

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The buzz being generated about Big Data might be leaving some businesses confused about the actual size of the sets of information the potential it may hold, according to a recent article by Information Management. Essentially, businesses participating in the discussion may be focused on the enormity of the potential without considering how much data their business will actually need or which tools they need to harness it.

In a separate article, the source explains that data availability doesn't necessarily translate to valuable insight for the company. To get to a point where they can benefit from the information, businesses must first determine their goals and then develop strategies that include data quality tools, expertise and time to sort through the data.

Yet, many IT teams are running into problems surrounding data goals because they find businesspeople aren't interested in solving problems that already exist within the data or implementing the governance needed to fix them, according to IT News Africa. Part of the problem may be that departments are speaking different languages when addressing the same issue.

The source explains that many data quality problems arise out of business processes, which means teams must collaborate to address challenges and reach their desired outcomes.